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If you want something I have written, I will send it to you. Ideally, you’ll pay for it, because we should pay for the things we value, but I concede we live in an uneven world, so I’ll make no such demand. You can, if you’d like, send me a check, if you still have such things, cash, if you like to live dangerously, or a money order, if you know what that even is. The amount is up to you. I’m open to bartering as well. Really. | Matt Lang
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Once upon a time, we were a cash-and/or-check-only operation, but then two things happened: people kept asking if they could pay using something other than cash and/or check, and a global pandemic knocked the world all cattywampus and limited face-to-face encounters, thus greatly inhibiting the exchange of paper.

Therefore, you can pay electronically in one of the following ways.

One-time payments/gifts/tips:

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Recurring monthly pledges (preferred and encouraged); | Patreon

On each, the cost is the same, pay-what-you-can.

If you prefer fixed cost affairs, each book has 3rd party options available.

2039 Cover Title Matt Lang

March, 2021

The Grief Cover Title Matt Lang

December, 2019

Fernweh Cover Title Matt Lang

December, 2015

McKean County and Other Stories Title Matt Lang

December, 2015

The Giraffe's Moustache Title Matt Lang

Children's Book
December, 2014